10 Times Karan Johar Got Roasted on His Own Show

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Shah Rukh Khan Says “I wish I was not a part of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”

In the first episode of the debut season of ‘Koffee with Karan’, Shah Rukh Khan humorously claimed that he wished he wasn’t a part of KJo’s 90s blockbuster hit, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” alongside his famous co-star and fellow guest—Kajol. The quip came during a rapid fire round when KJo asked him which film he wish he had never been a part of. SRK’s response caught the controversial host off guard and became one of the first instances that set the tone for candid conversations on his show. 

Ranveer Singh Threatens K-Jo with the Golden Shoe Launch

Known for his equally flamboyant personality, Ranveer Singh appeared on ‘Koffee with Karan’ along side Ranbir Kapoor. As the conversation progressed, Ranveer Singh picked up a golden shoe placed nearby and held it over his head. He then said, “If you say anything that’s out of line, we are going to launch these at you.” While KJo looked visibly hurt by the playful yet pointed remark and retorted by asking if the actor thought it was right to treat such a senior filmmaker so poorly, Ranbir Kapoor looked rather impressed with Ranveer Singh’s approach to call out the host for prying into their lives for the sake of generating controversy and ratings for his show. 

Aamir Khan Answers with “Your Show”

Aamir Khan, known for his straightforward nature, roasted Karan Johar with a simple yet powerful remark. In the rapid fire round to win the infamous “hamper”, the talk show host asked the actor what was the one thing he pretended to like about the Indian film industry but disliked. Khan’s response? “Your show.” The blunt answer got several laughs from the audience but left poor K-Jo looking slightly jilted. 

Anushka Sharma Defends Katrina Kaif

In a rather typically pointed conversation, K-Jo fired shots at Bollywood’s favorite ‘It’ girl, Katrina Kaif, and asked point blank what about the show bothered her so much. Katrina, appearing along side Anushka Sharma, politely explained that she did not want to hurt anyone else’s feelings—especially since we all know that that’s the whole point of the show. While Katrina was explaining, Karan cuts her off and asks, “Because you have been hurt yourself?” The actress looks visibly taken aback and begins explaining herself but before she can finish, Anushka Sharma jumps in and yells, “NO, Karan! Because she’s a good person. How people are good people and they don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings, which is all you are trying to do on this show!” Ha, sure got a taste of his own medicine! 

Kangana Ranaut Calls K-Jo “Flag-Bearer of Nepotism”

Pretty well-known for her outspoken style of communication, actress Kangana Ranaut didn’t hold back when she told K-Jo that if her biopic is ever made, he will end up playing “that stereotypical Bollywood biggie who is very snooty. Yeah, flag-bearer of nepotism.” This explosive statement left Karan visibly uncomfortable and shocked but got several laughs from the audience in the studio. 

Abhishek Bachchan openly calls out K-Jo for being a “Gossip Monger”

In the rapid fire segment of the show, K-Jo asked a string of questions to his guests—actor Abhishek Bachchan and director-producer Farah Khan. While the answers were only slightly lewd, it was Abhishek who had the crowning moment when he was asked, “Biggest gossip monger in Bollywood?” and he responded—without missing a beat—”You”, looking straight at the host. The audience along with Farah Khan erupted in laughter while K-Jo sat about with a rather sour expression on his face. Khan then quipped, “Why did you even ask that questions?” The whole discussion left Karan laughing but slightly embarrassed.

Orry Talks About the “Relevance Room”

Perhaps the most well-known gen-z celebrity of our times is Orry Awatramani, who also appeared on the most recent season of ‘Koffee with Karan’ and, let’s just say, he managed to make K-Jo’s audience pity him just enough to keep watching. While the talk show host himself is known to be quite the talker, he was left fumbled for words and nodding along as Orry breathlessly explained about his “relevance room” where all his “minions” were planning his “demise”. Not only that, from the way the gen-z celebrity talked to his body language, many were left wondering if he was in fact mimicking the famous talk show host on his show! 

Sonakshi Sinha Calls Out K-Jo’s Favoritism

It kind of seems on-brand for K-Jo’s guests to roast him during the rapid fire segments and actress Sonakshi Sinha was no exception. In her Q&A round, the controversial host asked her, “What do the following people have that you don’t?” Without missing a beat, the actress started listing all the directors who unilaterally favor the actresses in the list. But the crowning moment came when Karan asked, “Alia Bhatt?” and the actress bluntly said, “Karan Johar“. While the responses led to several laughs in the studio, it left the host looking rather uncomfortable in his chair. Sonakshi’s smug smile at his discomfort was quite the cherry on top too!

Salman Khan Returning K-Jo’s Inappropriate Question 

Yet another rapid fire segment with the Bollywood’s Bad Boy Salman Khan, K-Jo got roasted for his inappropriate queries. He asked the actor, “What if you wake up as Sanjay Leela Bhansali?” The actor shifted in his seat before responding, I would probably wonder where Karan Johar was last night. In a rather comical awkwardness, K-Jo looks straight at the camera and purses his lips. Salman then taps the sofa arm and asks if K-Jo would like to ask more. The interaction left many rolling with laughter mostly because of K-Jo’s sheepish reaction to being put in his place on his own show! 

Akshay Kumar Says He Would Not Want to Be Stuck with K-Jo on a Deserted Island

Actor Akshay Kumar is rather famous for every appearance he’s made on ‘Koffee with Karan’. In one such appearance, the star decided to be ‘extra’ candid about how he felt about the show and what impact it had within the film industry. Kumar openly roasted K-Jo for pitting celebrities against each other and when asked, “Who would you not want to be stuck on a deserted island with?”, he looked straight at the host and said, “You.” While the audience looked the roast with the famous actor looking like he was out for blood, K-Jo himself left it in the final cut for those sky high ratings he tends to enjoy. 

So, there you go, folks! From subtle digs to outright burns, these moments on “Koffee with Karan” show that even the host isn’t safe from the fire. These candid, often hilarious exchanges are what make the show a must-watch, giving us a glimpse into the playful yet sharp personalities of Bollywood’s biggest stars.

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