30 Weirdly Impressive Uses for Vicks Vaporub 

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Vicks Vaporub, a household remedy for colds and congestion, holds a myriad of weirdly impressive applications beyond its well-known uses. Let’s dive into 30 surprising ways you never knew you could incorporate Vicks into your daily life. 

30. Ease Migraine Pain

Gently massage a small amount of Vicks onto your temples and let the aroma from the vapor provide relief from migraine pain. 

29. Soothe Plantar Fasciitis

Try rubbing Vicks on your heels and massage it into your arches to alleviate discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis. 

28. Quiet Noisy Door Hinges

Apply a dab of Vicks to noisy door hinges to silence the squeaks. It’s a quick fix with a pleasant menthol scent. 

27. Relief from Mosquito Bite

Dot a bit of Vicks on mosquito bites to relieve itching and inflammation. The cooling effect can ease the discomfort. 

26. Aromatherapy for Showers

Place an open jar of Vicks in your shower to release invigorating vapors, creating a spa-like aromatherapy experience. 

25. DIY Shower Bombs

Mix Vicks with baking soda and water to create shower bombs. Place them in the shower for a refreshing and sinus-clearing experience. 

24. Combat Fungus on Toenails

Apply Vicks on affected toenails to help combat fungus. Regular use may contribute to clearer and healthier nails. 

23. Revitalize Leather Furniture

Use Vicks to condition and revitalize leather furniture. Apply a small amount and buff for a renewed shine. 

22. Remove Ticks Safely

Apply Vicks to a tick-bitten area. The tick may release on its own, making removal safer and easier. However, if you feel like the bite is worsening, consult with a healthcare professional immediately. 

21. DIY Vapor Rub Candle

Mix melted candle wax with Vicks, pour into a mold, and let it cool. Burn the candle for a soothing vapor-filled atmosphere. 

20. Prevent Pet Marking

Dab a bit of Vicks on areas where pets tend to mark to discourage them from repeating the behavior. 

19. Erase Scratches on Wood

Mix Vicks with a pinch of salt and apply it to scratched wood surfaces. Buff gently to diminish the appearance of scratches. 

18. Repel Garden Pests

Place an open container of Vicks in your garden to deter pests. The strong scent can keep critters away from your plants. 

17. DIY Shower Gel

Mix Vicks with shower gel for an invigorating and mentholated body wash. Ideal for a wake-up boost in the morning. 

16. Soothe Razor Bumps

Apply a thin layer of Vicks to soothe irritated skin after shaving. The menthol provides a cooling and calming effect. 

15. Eliminate Carpet Stains

Mix Vicks with a pinch of baking soda and apply it to carpet stains. Let it sit, then blot or vacuum for stain removal. 

14. Combat Creaky Doors

Apply Vicks to door hinges to reduce squeaks. It’s a practical solution with the added bonus of a cool scent. 

13. Revive Worn-out Books

Rub a small amount of Vicks on the edges of old or musty books and watch how the menthol can help neutralize odors. 

12. DIY Chest Rub Shower Tablets

Mix Vicks with cornstarch and water to create shower tablets. Place one on the shower floor for a chest-clearing steam experience. 

11. Freshen Gym Bags

Place an open container of Vicks in your gym bag to neutralize odors and leave a refreshing scent. Yes, even odors that strong can be remedied with this hack.

10. DIY Mentholated Lip Balm

Mix Vicks with coconut oil to create a homemade mentholated lip balm. Apply for hydrated lips with a hint of menthol but ensure you’re not overdoing it.

9. Deter Pet Scratching

Apply Vicks to areas where you want to deter pets from scratching. The scent acts as a natural deterrent. While this is a good hack to try to stop the scratching, make sure you go to the vet if the itching persists.

8. Enhance Humidifier Experience

Add a small amount of Vicks to your humidifier for a dual effect of moisture and soothing menthol vapors. 

7. Remove Splinters

Apply Vicks to the affected area before attempting to remove a splinter. It may ease the process by loosening the skin. However, if you feel the pain worsening, consult with a medical professional.

6. DIY Mentholated Foot Soak

Add a spoonful of Vicks to warm water for a soothing and refreshing foot soak. Ideal for relaxing after a long day. 

5. DIY Mentholated Bath Salts

Mix Vicks with Epsom salts for a rejuvenating bath experience. The combination can help relax muscles and clear sinuses. 

4. Scented Drawer Sachets

Place small containers of Vicks in drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh and to deter pests. 

3. DIY Mentholated Soap

Mix Vicks with liquid soap for a homemade mentholated soap. Perfect for an invigorating shower experience. However, do not continue use if it causes irritation to your skin.

2. DIY Mentholated Shampoo

Add a small amount of Vicks to your shampoo for an extra-refreshing and scalp-tingling wash. Make sure you dilute your shampoo with some water before you add the Vicks to the formula. However, do not continue use if it causes irritation to your scalp.

1. Sleeping Aid

Apply Vicks to your pillow or a tissue near your pillow to enjoy the soothing mentholated aroma for a restful night’s sleep. 

Vicks Vaporub, with its many versatile applications, proves to be more than just a remedy for colds. These uncommon uses showcase its adaptability, making it a valuable addition to your home beyond flu season. Embrace the unexpected potential of Vicks for a more comfortable and refreshing daily life. 

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