Beach Photos That Are Too Cringe To Look Away

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Moments so weird and so funny, they will have you rolling on the floor in no time! So, let’s dive right in—face first, by the looks of it—into this hilarious list of unforgettably funny beach moments.

Not Exactly the Most Romantic Moment of the Beach Day

What could have been a romantic recreation of the iconic lift in “Dirty Dancing” on the beach turned into a face-first tragic fall into the water for this couple. That’s gotta hurt!

Who Says You Can Only Surf in Water?

This perfectly timed photograph is a fun moment if you are the athletic type and enjoy recreating hilarious pictures on your beach outings. This is sure to get a few giggles when you post them on your social media! Don’t forget to flex a little, by the way. Not everyone can surf mid-air on land!

Headless Fun

You know how sometimes we lose things at the beach? Happens to all of us. Make sure you check for everything that you carried with yourself to the beach—car keys, picnic basket, swimwear, umbrella, sunscreen and, in this particular case, also your head!

How Many Limbs Does She Have?

There’s this girl stretched out on the sand, looking totally chill… except, wait a minute, does she have three arms?! Yup, it’s like a beachside magic trick or something. But don’t worry, she’s not secretly an alien or anything! It’s just one of those wacky optical illusions that make you scratch your head and laugh out loud. If you really like them, try recreating this the next time you’re at the beach and make sure it’s as spooky as the one right here!

Every Drop of the Ocean

Small drops, big drops—every drop matters! This is another fun recreation for your beach days with friends if you are into that kind of thing. Find a class of chilled beverage and friend who’s good with the camera and you’ve got yourself standing under a comically large glass of water waiting for the drop to drop!

Guess the Genie’s Out of the Bottle?

We’ve all had this moment with our parents, haven’t we? That embarrassing, vacation photo that will haunt you all your life. This kid looks happy right now but wait till she grows up and finds out her folks thought it was a good idea to go to the beach and pose like she was coming out of a bottle!

What’s That On Her Back?

Happily sprawled out on the sand, soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the salty breeze. But wait, what’s that on her back? Her friend has turned her into an unwitting beach snail! In a hilarious moment as the shell perfectly mimics the curve of her spine, you can almost hear the giggles on her friend’s face as they admire their handiwork from afar. This is such a classic beachside prank that’ll have everyone in stitches and create memories to laugh about for years to come.

A Little Pick Me Up

In this hilarious moment, this couple creates the ultimate ‘pick me up’ moment with a comical twist of their own. The woman stands far and the man captures the image where it looks like she’s hanging onto his comically large finger—about to be picked up!

Lend a Hand

In this perfect recreation where all the friends look like they are about to be lifted off by the gargantuan hand is exactly what would make your next beach outing all the more fun. If you are planning to visit the beach anytime soon, make sure that you carry everything you need along with a friend with really good camera skills so you have a picture that’s memorable and funny for years to come.

Zen/Ninja Mode at the Beach

This photo is both calming and insane when you look closely at it. While one friend is lying on atop, eyes closed, looking relatively zen, the one bearing all her weight looks like she is training to be a ninja. If you ever feel like you need to recreate this, make sure you’re going to the beach with friends who train well at the gym or you might just end up, face-first, in all that sand!

Looking for Fun Everywhere, Literally

A woman looking through a gigantic bottle of beer? No, not really. This is another fun beach day pic where a few friends seemed to have gathered to take pictures and have found a fun way to remember they day drinking, wild times at the beach!

Run, It’s the Bucket Attack

The return of the ‘slightly lame but still funny’ theme where parents take cheeky pictures like this with their kids. This woman and her partner decided to create their own version of a giant attack with a sand bucket—the woman pretending to save her young kid from the bucket attack! If you are someone who likes taking such pics—or are planning to embarrass your children as much as possible when they become adults—this might be a fun picture to recreate on your next beach outing.

Some of Us Don’t Need VFX, You Know

Every blonde needs a brunette—quite true when you think about this roundhouse kick that the blonde friend here is giving to her brunette bestie. The two women decided to recreate the meanest kick of all time and they were perfectly captured by another friend just weighing in on all the fun from far. As fun as that may look, maybe don’t try to recreate with friends on a day that’s supposed to be about kicks but not literally!

Who Run the World? Girls!

This might be easier to recreate if you’re Picasso when it comes to building sand castles. This woman and her partner went to the beach and, in a romantic gesture, the man photographed her from far atop the castle they had built together. While it looks funny, this might be a sweet idea to recreate with your spouse when you visit the beach next time.

You’d Be Surprised to Know How Often People Need to Be Watered Too

In a hilarious shot, this couple went to the beach and the husband, while watching his wife walk toward him, sand in her feet, pretended to pour water on her like a shower so she could clean up. Only, he is sitting way far and that’s a tiny can of water that kids use to make sand castles. This shot makes it look like she is showering from the tiny can, much to the glee of her partner.

Once a Gymnast, Always a Gymnast

In a perfect illusionary shot, this gymnast poses brilliantly—almost touching her feet up to her head—only it looks like she is doing that standing atop the bottle of Coca Cola that’s kept in line with her feet but slightly afar. If she in fact posed for this shot then this is sure to get some giggles from everyone who sees it!

Help! Shark’s Got My Head!

This hilarious shot of a young boy, who drew a shark in the sand, is a fun idea to try out with your kids on beach day. Much like the young boy, the photo seems to scream a rather comical “Help!!!” It is also adorable how the little boy has drawn the mouth of the shark much bigger than its entire body—which makes it look less like a shark and more like a star fish.

Yoga For Balance?

This shot makes it look like the woman is on top of the sandals, balancing herself perfectly. The funniest part of this pic is that it seems to give a whole new meaning to ‘Yoga for Balance’ trend, which is popular in holistic wellness circles. If you have a friend who might in these circles, this might be a fun idea to try out with them.

Make Way People

It looks like the man in the picture split the coconut in two with his mind. That’s impossible, but we have to admit—it looks hilarious. Dr Strange who? But don’t say that to your friends or you might find that coconut making its way to you—unspilt!

Read Gulliver’s Travel Too Many Times As a Kid

Looks like these nerds have read ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ a little too many times. But if this looks fun to you, you know what to do, right? Grab your nearest bibliophile and head to the beach!

Catching Paper Planes is for Kids

What is seemingly a perfect candid shot, this man appears as if he is holding the plane from going away. As fun as this is, we can bet that it’d be pretty tough to recreate. But, you know, try your luck!

“Look, Mom! I Can Fly!”

Running far off into the cool tides is this woman’s dog, who seems to be chasing a seagull on his way! But in this perfectly captured shot, it looks like the dog has wings himself. You can almost hear, “Look, Mom! I can fly!” and not to mention, this is actually quite easy to recreate with your pup. Just set them free and roll camera!

That’s Quite a Fruit to Carry

This comically large fruit isn’t actually that large but this couple’s hilarious recreation! From far, the woman seems to be posing like she’s carrying the fruit on her back and running. These are also the type of vacation photos that you should take with your spouse if you two are the only ones who are going to be looking at it!

Move Over! Your Neighborhood Superhero Is Here!

This is the ultimate, comic geek pose to recreate with your friends. The whole picture screams “Marvel Heroes”! If this resembles your friend group, grab a camera and head down the beach. It’ll be fun to recreate and to laugh at years later!

It’s That Way, I Saw It The Last Time I Took This Route

Uber is not just on land. Who says? Well, this couple. They seem to be the first of their kind—an underwater uber that could take you anywhere you want free of charge! If you are someone who enjoys underwater adventures with your spouse, this might be a fun recreation!

Game Face On!

So many faces! This is the ultimate dig at those viral shadow pictures that everyone uploads on the beach when they visit but with a fun twist. Easy to recreate with friends, this definitely is something to try on your next group outing.

“I’m Trying to Save You!”

Sibling rivalry is nothing compared to this right here! This hilarious picture captures what it’s like to grow up with sisters who just wouldn’t let you live in peace. If you want to recreate this, make sure to put an original right next to it for fun!

Looks Like I’m Prettier Than You, Ha!

A man taking selfie underwater was photobombed in the cutest way when fish nearby gathered to look into his camera. The expressions almost says, “Looks like I’m prettier than you, ha!” If you are traveling solo to the beach for a nice dip and underwater fun, make sure you try making fin friends and take pictures with them!

I’ll Be Resting on the Couch for a While

In a genius move to avoid the head and the wait to find a nice spot, this man built his own sofa to rest on. It must have taken him quite some time, seeing how he’s knocked out from exhaustion. The picture, while hilarious, might be more fun to recreate with a larger set of people. But if you have some time on your hands, go for it!

“Yes, thank you, sir! I’ll Take That”

And at last, the most hilarious beach photo of all time—we present to you the accountant of the ocean— Mr. Crab who is walking away after collecting highly overdue ocean tax from a beach goer! If you end up recreating this, kudos to you!

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