Camping Fails That Are Entirely Too Sad

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These might the most hilarious, weird and ‘do not try without supervision’ things to ever happen to campers. We have compiled the ultimate camping fails that have ever been captured and the hilarious reactions of the campers who experienced them. Let’s take a look!

Goodbye Tent

The nature, the wind and the tent flying away. This first-time camper hilariously captured how his tent got upturned in the wind. This probably happened because, while the camper made sure to set it up right, they probably forgot to nail it down so it could stay steady. When you do end up going for an outing like this, make sure you nail your tent to the ground.

Bear-y Interesting Visitor

This bear made its way to the tent of the camper who captured the hilarious moment from afar. It happens to campers who fail to check where they are heading for their camping activities. Always take a map along and make sure you set up in a place that is safely away from the wilderness.

Nature Lover

This camper wanted to experience the nature without the heat, the mosquitoes, the ruddy paths and basically, without nature. Maybe he should have opted for clamping instead because while hilarious, this is actually dangerous as the electric wires could heat up and cause wildfires.

What Could We Say Except ‘No, Thank You’

We want to explain why this is a “no, thank you” moment for us but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Some things are just a plain no and this is one of them. please invest in a nice grill if you really want to go camping.

Value for Money

This supercar owner is getting probably getting all the laughs and all the support for this innovative use of his car’s hood and doors. A true value for money, if you ask us.

Floating Away

This British camper is floating away as the weatherman gets it wrong and multiple campers get flooded. Surprisingly, he neither looks mad or concerned—he is simply floating away with a beer in his hand to keep him company.

Gear Over Girlfriend

This hilarious shot of a cyclist putting his girlfriend out instead of his cycling gear is the ultimate “boys will be boys” moment that the internet is having fun with. While it looks like they are really sleeping that way, we are almost sure that this is just for gags.

That’s Not How You Use a Hammock

This camper hilariously gave up mid-way on setting up his hammock and settled with sleeping only slightly above the ground. While it looks hilarious, this is actually incredibly dangerous as the strings might overstretch and snap. If this camper is really asleep, it might end up hurting him. It is best to test this up correctly.

First Time Camping?

Well, at least they tried their best! This camper hilariously captured his failed attempt to get the setup right on their first camping adventure. Giving up mid-way, they decided to sleep outside the tend ultimately. Wonder how cold it got in the night!

Got Everything… Except the Tent

They got everything right—the food, the safety kit, the covers, the beddings, the flash lights. Once they got there, they realized that they got everything except the actual tent for camping. Kids, check the tent is there before you pack in everything else.

The Road Not Taken… For a Reason

They chose to take the road less travelled… Suffice it to say that it was less travelled for a reason! It is important for campers to always be prepared with their own maps and make sure that their vehicle can actually take the strain of off-roading. Clearly, this one went terribly wrong!

Rebel With a Cause

This camper hilariously used the exact pole to set up camp that says “No Camping”. When nothing else worked, they used the pole to make sure that their tent stays put. Imagine their surprise when they actually found what the pole said in the front!

Patch it Up

This camper used an old tent and could not find a way to patch it together without a manual. Solution? They used all their quilts to patch the gaps together. While ingenious, this is probably not going to work when that inevitable rain rolls in from the clouds above.

So Long, Chair!

In a comic shot, this camper shared how he stepped away for a minute and found his chair had caught on fire. The gust of wind blowing in the opposite direction that taken the chair with it and its legs had ended up in the fire. While this seems funny, it is incredibly dangerous. Campers might want to nail down their chairs before they set up camp anywhere.


This group of campers left their caravan out for a little too long and came back to find it submerged in the sand. Unable to get it off, they are trying to figure out a way to keep it from sinking any lower. Our advice? Make sure you follow the parking and setup instructions when you head to camping grounds.

Soaking Up the Outdoors

This camper likes the nature but they seem to live their television more! In this hilarious shot, you can actually see them enjoying the television in the midst of nature. Looks fun, hopefully?

Makeshift Bed

Another camper who forgot their tent did not give up. They set up a makeshift bed with their cooler and camp chairs. While we applaud the ingenuity, we suggest that campers make sure that they have their tents with them when they head to their outdoor adventures.

Sausage for Everyone

With one too many people hoping to get something to eat soon, this camper went into the “scout mode” and made the ultimate sausage barbecue ever! While this is hilarious and probably something to recreate when in emergency or when surrounded by over 15 hungry people, we might want to suggest that you invest in a nice grill to use over that fire.

“Is the Dinner Ready Yet”

This camper hilariously captured a bear sitting and contemplating on the bench outside their van. While it looks like they are standing pretty close to the animal, it is usually considered very dangerous to go near a bear as they are prone to attack human beings if they feel threatened.

Knock, Knock!

This camper bought a tent off the internet but the delivered product ended up being so little, he turned it into a viral camping fail moment by posing hilariously with it. Hope he brought an actual tent with him because that’s going to be snug for him at night. Unless, of course, he’s planning to turn into a chipmunk!

I’m Trying My Best

This camper hilariously set up his camp inside an actual hut and the end result looks like the tent is really struggling to stay upright. Camping inside incorrectly set up tents can be dangerous because winds and rains all impact the way it stays. Many times, campers have had their tent blown away in turbulent temperatures.

Not the Most Ideal Way to Make Friends at Camping

This camper captured the exact moment he made tons of camping enemies in one go. In an attempt top get his caravan out of the ground, he pushed full throttle and skidded off. The only problem? In the process, he muddied the entire area and the tents of his fellow campers. The damage is done, better run fast now!

Steering Into the Skid

Funnily setting up your tent on a slope might just be for gags on the internet but in reality, it is important to set up the tent correctly and not on a slope that can result in the tent sliding away at the least change in the weather. If you are inside and asleep, this might be even more dangerous because it could expose you to harsh weather without your knowledge.

“Let Me Go!!!”

This cat hilariously tried to escape the indoor hell in the outdoors. The camper captured the exact moment that their pet decided they had had enough of the nature and wanted to escape. While funny, it is recommended that pets travel with their own gear while outside in the nature, including a safety kit.

That’s Not a Samsung

This camper shared the ultimate internet meme—an iPhone in the water. It looks like they sat in the chair but forgot that their phone was left behind. But before they could get to it, the phone got rained on and ended up getting submerged in the pocket of water that pooled inside the chair. Too bad it’s not a Samsung!

Blame the Weatherman

This camper accused their local weatherman for misleading them into entering the camp area when there were rains on the way. The end result was sad but kind of funny as they captured their whole gear submerged when they returned from their hike. Hope the weatherman got better at what he does!

Mission: Rescue Tent

This man hilariously captured her partner trying to rescue their tent that flew away and got swept in the river flow. This usually happens when you do not pin it well to the ground. Most campers may not think much of this step because the weather is usually nice where they are headed but it is recommended that they do this in case the weather suddenly switches without warning—something that is very common out in the nature.

Divers’ Conference

This camper hilariously captured the moment where the entire camping ground got submerged in the rain. Before heading to any camping area, make sure you do your research and only go if situations like this may be avoided altogether.

Man Vs Wild

This man hilariously decided to fish without shoes on. The result? He caught his fish and got almost dragged into the lake himself! It is recommended that all campers use the right gear when they go out, even for activities as relaxing and otherwise uneventful as fishing.

“Where’s the Party?”

This hilarious shot of two old friends setting up a makeshift porch in their boat made rounds on the Internet as the perfect getaway. However, it might be safer for campers to stay on dry land and do this. After all, this is something to try out when you have a little less to lose!

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