Netflix Shows That Everyone Wants Back

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Netflix, the land of endless content, has given us countless hours of binge-watching pleasure. But for every show we fall in love with, there’s always the risk of a sudden heartbreak when Netflix decides to pull the plug. Here’s a stroll down memory lane of some beloved shows that Netflix axed, but fans are still clamoring to bring back.

Shadow and Bone

Based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels, “Shadow and Bone” was a fantasy epic filled with magic, adventure, and political intrigue. Despite a passionate fanbase, it was canceled after two seasons, with budget concerns likely playing a role.

The Chair

This dark comedy starring Sandra Oh as the first woman of color to chair an English department at a prestigious university was witty and sharp. Axed after just one season, it left viewers yearning for more of its smart humor and poignant social commentary.

The Irregulars

A unique twist on the Sherlock Holmes universe, “The Irregulars” focused on a group of misfit kids solving supernatural crimes. Canceled after its first season, fans miss its inventive storytelling and diverse cast.

I Am Not Okay With This

This quirky, dark comedy mixed teenage angst with superpowers. Despite its intriguing premise and endearing characters, it was cut short after one season due to pandemic-related production issues.

Everything Sucks!

Set in the ’90s, this coming-of-age dramedy hit all the nostalgic notes. Sadly, after just one season, it was canned, leaving fans without a proper resolution to its heartfelt stories.

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

This horror-comedy about a suburban mom turned zombie, played by Drew Barrymore, was both hilarious and grotesque. Its cancellation after three seasons left a cliffhanger that still haunts its dedicated fanbase.

Kim’s Convenience

Though not a Netflix original, this Canadian sitcom about a Korean-Canadian family’s convenience store found a global audience on the platform. Canceled after five seasons, fans mourned the loss of its heartfelt humor and cultural representation.

Tiny Pretty Things

Ballet, mystery, and drama combined in this series set at an elite dance academy. Despite its promise, it pirouetted off Netflix’s roster after just one season, leaving many plotlines unresolved.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina’s dark, witchy adventures captivated fans with its blend of horror and teen drama. Canceled after four seasons, it left fans casting spells for its return.


David Fincher’s “Mindhunter” delved into the early days of FBI criminal profiling with chilling interviews and psychological depth. Canceled after two seasons, fans miss its cerebral approach to crime drama. Fincher’s commitment to other projects left this gem in limbo.

Warrior Nun

This action-packed series about a secret sect of demon-fighting nuns was a surprising hit. Canceled after two seasons, its loyal followers are still crusading for its resurrection.

First Kill

A modern vampire romance that captivated many, “First Kill” was staked after its first season, leaving fans thirsty for more of its supernatural drama.

Narcos: Mexico

A gritty look at the rise of drug cartels in Mexico, this continuation of the “Narcos” saga was intense and addictive. Concluding after three seasons, its fans still crave more of its raw storytelling.

The Society

This teen drama about a town’s youth left to govern themselves had a “Lord of the Flies” vibe. Despite a devoted following, it was canceled after one season, partly due to COVID-19 complications.


Based on Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” series, this fantasy show garnered a dedicated fanbase. Its cancellation after three seasons left many devastated and campaigning for its return.


This vampire series, starring Ian Somerhalder, brought a new twist to the genre. Canceled after one season, its fans were left in the dark.

Spinning Out

A drama centered around the competitive world of figure skating, “Spinning Out” combined athleticism and personal struggles beautifully. Unfortunately, it skated off the ice after just one season.

American Vandal

A mockumentary that hilariously parodied true crime series, “American Vandal” was a clever and unique offering. Its cancellation after two seasons was met with widespread disappointment.


This ambitious sci-fi series from the Wachowskis boasted a diverse cast and mind-bending plotlines. Despite a devoted global fanbase, it was canceled after two seasons, though a special finale was later released to wrap up the story.

Designated Survivor

Kiefer Sutherland’s political thriller about a low-level Cabinet member becoming President after an attack was gripping. Though not a Netflix original, its final season on the platform left fans wanting more.

Friends From College

This comedy about a group of friends navigating their 40s was both cringeworthy and relatable. After two seasons, Netflix decided not to renew, much to the dismay of its viewers.

The OA

A mind-bending blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and drama, “The OA” had a cult following. Its cancellation after two seasons left fans in uproar, with many still campaigning for its return.

Dash & Lily

A sweet, holiday-themed romance that charmed viewers with its feel-good vibes, “Dash & Lily” was canceled after just one season, much to the dismay of its newfound fans.

Drunk History

This comedic series, where intoxicated narrators recount historical events, was a hilarious hit. Though not originally a Netflix show, its departure from the streaming giant left fans thirsty for more drunken tales.


This crime drama starring Cobie Smulders as a sharp-witted private investigator had potential. Its cancellation after one season was a tough pill to swallow for fans who enjoyed its gritty storytelling.

There you have it, folks—a list of Netflix casualties that still haunt our “Continue Watching” lists. While some shows might never see the light of another season, the passionate outcry from fans keeps the hope alive. Maybe, just maybe, Netflix will listen to our cries and give us the closures we deserve. Until then, we’ll keep binging and hoping for miracles.

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