Tag, You’re It: 7 Causes of Skin Tags You Should Be Aware Of

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Friction – How factors like tight clothing, excessive movement, exercise, and sweating can cause skin tags

Friction plays a significant role in the development of skin tags. Wearing tight clothing, engaging in excessive movement or exercise, and experiencing persistent sweating can all contribute to the formation of skin tags. The constant rubbing and pressure on the skin can stimulate the growth of these benign growths.

Pregnancy – The hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy that can contribute to skin tags

Pregnancy is a time when hormonal changes and weight gain occur in a woman’s body. These hormonal fluctuations, especially the increase in estrogen and progesterone, can contribute to the development of skin tags. Additionally, the stretching of the skin due to weight gain during pregnancy can create an environment that is conducive to the formation of skin tags.

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