Travel Destinations That Are So-Not-Raven This Year

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Solo traveling can be an exhilarating adventure, offering the freedom to explore new places at your own pace. However, not all destinations are created equal when it comes to safety. Some locations have higher crime rates or specific risks that might make solo travelers—especially women—more vulnerable. Here’s a quirky yet informative guide on places you might want to think twice about before visiting alone, and some safer places to consider.


Thailand’s beaches and nightlife are famous, but solo travelers, especially women, should be cautious of scams and harassment. Laos provides a quieter, safer experience with its serene landscapes and rich culture.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its lush rainforests and stunning beaches, but it also has a significant crime rate, particularly in tourist areas. Petty theft and muggings are common, and solo female travelers may be more vulnerable. Consider visiting Uruguay, which is known for its safety and friendly locals.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic boasts beautiful resorts and vibrant culture, yet it also has high levels of street crime, including armed robbery and assault. Women traveling alone should exercise caution. Head to Puerto Rico, where similar Caribbean vibes come with increased safety measures.


Morocco’s markets and landscapes are enchanting, but harassment and theft can be issues, especially for women. Tunisia offers a similar North African charm with a slightly lower risk of harassment.


Egypt is a treasure trove of ancient history, but it also has a high incidence of harassment and scams targeting tourists. Solo female travelers need to be particularly cautious. Jordan is safer for solo travel while still offering incredible historical sites like Petra.


Jamaica is known for its reggae beats and beautiful beaches, but crime, including violent crime, can be a concern in certain areas. Barbados offers a safer Caribbean experience with welcoming locals and beautiful scenery.


India’s rich culture and history make it a fascinating destination, but it also has significant issues with harassment and safety for women. Bhutan is a peaceful haven with a strong emphasis on happiness and safety for tourists.


The Bahamas offer crystal clear waters but also have a notable crime rate, including theft and robbery in tourist areas. The Cayman Islands provide a similarly beautiful but safer Caribbean getaway.


Colombia has made strides in improving safety, but crime, including kidnapping and robbery, remains a concern. Costa Rica offers a safer travel experience with its rich biodiversity and welcoming atmosphere.


Ecuador is stunning, with its diverse landscapes, but it also has a high rate of theft and assault. Chile is again a great option for safer solo adventures in South America.


Turkey’s mix of cultures and history is alluring, but political unrest and crime can pose risks. Greece offers a similar blend of ancient history and Mediterranean beauty with a safer environment.


Mexico’s vibrant culture and cuisine are world-renowned, but drug-related violence and crime are significant concerns. Belize offers a safer Central American experience with beautiful beaches and Mayan ruins.


Argentina’s bustling cities and scenic landscapes are appealing, but petty crime and scams can be problematic. Uruguay is a safer option with its charming coastal towns and friendly locals.


Chile is relatively safer compared to its neighbors, but solo travelers should still be cautious of petty theft. Uruguay continues to shine as a safe and friendly destination in South America.


Malaysia’s cities and islands are beautiful, but crime, including muggings and snatch thefts, can be a concern. Singapore offers a similar cultural experience with a much lower crime rate.


China’s vast history and modern cities are fascinating, but issues like petty theft and scams are common. Japan offers a similar blend of tradition and modernity with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.


Cambodia’s temples are breathtaking, but crime and political instability can pose risks for solo travelers. Vietnam offers stunning landscapes and a safer environment for tourists.


Vietnam is generally safer than some of its neighbors, but petty crime and scams can still affect travelers. Taiwan is a safe and welcoming destination with rich culture and stunning scenery.


Venezuela’s political situation and high crime rate make it a risky destination. Colombia, though still requiring caution, is safer and offers a rich cultural experience.


Bolivia’s natural beauty is undeniable, but crime, especially in urban areas, can be an issue. Peru, despite its risks, generally offers a more structured tourism infrastructure and can be safer in well-trodden areas.


Haiti’s vibrant culture is intriguing, but it also has significant issues with crime and political instability. The Dominican Republic, while still requiring caution, offers a more stable environment for travelers.


The Philippines’ islands are a paradise, but crime, including kidnappings in certain areas, can be a concern. Indonesia offers similar tropical beauty with relatively safer conditions in tourist areas like Bali.

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