You Are Going to Wish You Had Never Seen These Wedding Fails

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Have you ever looked back at an old album and realized how so many of our pictures are youthful and make us look like we are all that and then there are those that make us question how anything ever like that happened? Yes, this is that list. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

Cake for Everyone?

The bride and groom party got together for a photoshoot when the best man decided to play a prank and pretend like he was about to drop the cake, only he ended up actually dropping the cake and falling to the ground—face first into it! That’s gotta be some memory for the years to come, right?

That’s One Too Many

The bride and groom decided to go for a romantic boat ride—with the entire party no less—and almost drowned. How? The boat was too small for the group and was about to overturn the moment they all made it to the surface. Next time, maybe just the two of them then?

Say Cheese… Random Stranger

The bride and her bridesmaid were excitedly posing for the picture that the bride wanted to remember for years—only to get photobombed by this random stranger passing by behind the group. She might still remember the picture but not for the same reason!

Speedo Man Channelling His Inner Ballerina

We would say classic photobomb but this is anything but classic. The couple in the photo seem so completely in love, they seem to have missed the man in the red speedo doing his best ballerina jump for their memorable wedding photoshoot. At the very least, this would make for a funny memory for the couple years down the line!

Legs for Days? Not So Much

This couple went for a cute photoshoot in the park and posed in the classic “We Just Got Married” jump only the picture did not turn out quite so romantically. The bride and groom jumped high but the bride’s legs got hidden by the dress she was wearing. This became quite an internet meme but for the bride and groom? Maybe not so much!

Something Blue

In a sweet gesture, this man gave his sister who was about to get married some gum before she walked down the aisle. After the ceremony, the bride realized that her mouth was blue. When she asked him why, he simply said, “Another something blue for your day!”. The moment the bride realized her something blue was captured as she stuck out her tongue. Years later, she recalled this fond memory!

The Party Ended Too Late

This hilarious picture perfectly captures what happens when the party ends too late. The bridesmaid fell to the ground in a drunken haze as the couple finished reading their vows to each other. Good thing is that the couple seems to not notice it at all. They are about to embark on their happily married journey and the bridesmaid… well, she looks like she needs a pick-me-up as well.

I Would Bleed for You, Literally

No, the bride is uninjured. That’s just cake frosting. But the hilarious capture makes it look like the groom bit her nose! While this might be the funny memory the couple looks back fondly in years to come, the bride does not look too happy with the moment as it is being captured. Honestly, who can blame her?

Think We Went Overboard with This?

This couple tried to romantically part for their honeymoon when the boat that was carrying them to their cruise upturned and threw them overboard into the water. The couple looks visibly stressed but the onlookers couldn’t help but laugh inside and maybe get a towel for the beautiful bride.

I’m Next, Blondie

A cute nature photoshoot turned into a hilarious situation when the bride, who was posing with the flower bouquet, was caught off guard by the deer who mistook it for fodder and ate petals straight out of her hand. The sweet moment was captured just in time for the shot!

Are You Guys Sure About This?

This farm wedding turned downright comical when the alpacas swarmed the bride and groom during the shoot. One pic captured one of the alpacas looking at the couple sharing a kiss. It almost looks like it is questioning their choice!

Nice, Soft Spot for Some Rest

A couple getting married with their friends and family in a small ceremony at church were delighted to find that their elderly family dog had found the bride’s dress train to be the most comfortable place for a nap. That is, as long as the nap was good!

Officiated the 100th Wedding of the Week

While this happy couple captures the moment their forever began, the priest in the background looks visibly over the moment already—posing with his head down and looking exhausted. The bride and groom were unaware but later found the priest in the background of their after-wedding shot. The bride recalled how this moment is now a funny anecdote from their wedding because the priest was also the groom’s brother!

Scoot, Scoot!

In a modern chic wedding, the bride and groom invited their entire group of friends to come outside and pose with them—only to be photobombed by a little girl scooting by. Dressed in all pink, she seems surprised at the reaction of the people on the sidewalk. The bride and groom both find this exact moment of realization on the little girl’s face to be a fond memory from the day!

Can Your Witness Sign?

As they stand before the glass walls, ready to exchange their vows, the bride and groom are joined by a curious spectator—a beluga whale! The whale seems to have front-row seats, its bulbous eyes wide with fascination, as if it’s eagerly waiting to hear the vows. Wonder if it’s one of the many weddings that this beluga whale has attended!

Yep… Been There, Done That

As the bride and groom lock lips in a passionate kiss, totally lost in their bubble of love—there’s a hilarious subplot happening on the sidelines. While the lovebirds are busy swooning, the bridesmaid steals the show with her “been there, done that” expression. With a bored look on her face, eyes fixed on the horizon and lips pursed, she looks like she’s ready to leave the party!


Gathered for a squad pic, the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and best men are all smiles, ready to freeze this moment in time. But just as the camera clicks, here comes a passerby on a bike, crashing the party with an epic photobomb. His face screams “Oops,” and he looks like he wants to disappear into thin air. Classic case of wrong place, wrong time. But hey, it adds a hilarious twist to the photo!

Girl, Stop…

The bride and groom, front and center, with their friends and family looking on. But guess what’s sneaking into the background? A traffic stop sign, totally out of place, as if the Universe was saying, “Girl, Stop…”! It’s like a random cameo in their wedding album, a reminder that life’s full of surprises and, in this case, hilarious cosmic signs as well!

“Hell Nah!!!”

The bride’s just tossed her bouquet, and the ladies are going wild trying to catch it. It’s all giggles and excitement until one gal breaks from the pack, screaming like she’s seen a ghost! Looks like catching the bouquet wasn’t exactly on her agenda.

Can You Fight For Her?

The bride and groom are all smiles, doing their photoshoot thing in this rustic farm setting, right? All of a sudden, they both do this double take, like, “What the heck?” And who do they see? A bison! And this guy looks like he’s ready to charge at the groom, ready to throw down for the bride or something! Talk about a wild wedding day moment!

Caught Between Rock and Hard Place

It’s the big day, and the bride’s mom is giving her daughter the most heartwarming hug ever. But here’s the twist: the groom’s caught right in the middle of it, looking like he’s trying to dodge a bullet. He looks scared that they might accidentally smush his face! Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place—literally!

She’s Gonna Have Questions About This

One little flower girl is hilariously caught red-handed, or rather, green-fingered, picking her nose! Meanwhile, the bride’s looking radiant and utterly happy in the background, completely unaware of the hilarity unfolding in this shot of her. It’s a classic case of “smile for the camera… except you, nose-picker!”

“Pay for Your Plate”

Cue the chaos! In the corner of the scene, there’s Uncle Bob, eyes wide like saucers, making a mad dash for the exit. It’s like he’s in a 100-meter sprint, leaving skid marks on the dance floor! Seems like the idea of paying for his own grub was a bit too much for ol’ Uncle Bob to handle.

“Harry, Your Letter Has Arrived”

Talk about timing! Just as the bride and groom turn to greet their guests, a majestic owl swoops by, stealing the show and completely covering the groom’s face in the shot. It’s like something out of a comedy movie—poor guy can’t catch a break! But hey, at least it makes for a wedding photo they’ll never forget!

“Where Are The Nuts?”

While the bride and groom strike their perfect pose for the camera, there’s a sneaky squirrel in the foreground who looks like he’s having a serious heart-to-heart with the big guy upstairs. With his paws clasped together and his eyes skyward, he’s giving off major “Dear God, please let there be nuts in heaven” vibes. Meanwhile, the oblivious couple beams in the background, totally unaware of the woodland creature stealing the spotlight. It’s a moment of unexpected hilarity in the midst of wedding bliss!

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